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Who we are?

We are the one who distribute knowledge about Hacking in the form of Tricks, Tutorials, Guides and Info Articles. We help you learn basics to advance of term “Hacking”.

Why we are?

We are solely here for guiding and teaching you about security. We cover articles on security and hacks which will help you prevent from getting attacked. 

Where you are?

As of now, we are based online writing on plenty of topics to help people and educate them about security and hacks. Our site is solely for educational purpose.

How it starts

A teenager obsessed with computers started this site. After several people complaining him about getting hacked and no proper education is on it.

What We Covers?

We cover everything that compromises your security and leads towards an open gate to get yourself hacked. We cover basics and advanced articles written to prevent yourself from getting hacked. We also share tricks, involving hacking games, modifying limits of devices such as rooting, jailbreaking, etc.

We cover everything for free, this site might look premium for a blog but gentl3men (Founder of Site) loves professional looking site.

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You can support our blog by purchasing softwares, Tools and Products we recommend on our site. You can always get to read the full detailed review of each product  you find here so it makes it easier for you to decide and purchase.