About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. 

Our Story

Yes, who don’t love telling stories but here it’s different. I will tell you all the story about this site, however, I keep about myself to limited.

All About Hacking was started for all of you out there. I know many people and I mean a lot is not good when it comes to computers. There are crooks sitting around to target such people and take an advantage especially  in this era, where we are moving towards a digital life.


At All About Hacking, we teach people about Hacks, Tricks, and all other Possible techniques they can learn to avoid hackers, scammers and all sort of things.


To be honest with you, if you’re landing on your blog we hope you learnt something. You can tell us that by actively commenting on the posts you like and share them. That’s all we look out for.

Who Looks For Our Blog Mostly?

Human Beings!

We all are noobs in something we don’t know about. But upon reading and learning stuff, we become at least an Amateur. 

We have plenty of noobs who are zero with Computers, looking for learning about Computers, tricks, hacks and probably all stuff related to technology.

Again, we have plenty of people looking for hacks. If you’re one, go at the bottom of site and look for Disclaimer.


Ohh, Wait…. Let me put it again here!

<p>All Information You Should Seek Here Should Be For Educational Purpose Only. Stealing or Harming With Such Knowledge Is A Crime.</p>


Where's The BRAIN Behind This Blog?

All you will have his name. He wants you to know him with his alias. If you put on some brain to  find him out only with this website as a source then, it’s pretty easy. You must have found me yet!


My Alias: Gentl3m3n